Day 6 = Emotional Ninja

Holy emotional day today! It was a pretty rough day. I think the stress of school and work have finally caught up with me. Not feeding at an appropriate time didn’t help the situation either. That’s all I’m going to write about that.

We went to Open Gym today and planned on doing both that and the regular Saturday workout, but Mr. Ninja and I were to exhausted to do both. So instead, we stayed and cheered everyone on. Something VERY exciting happened at the gym today. Madeline got her first muscle-up! WOOOOOOOT! She is the first girl in the gym to get it. I am so very proud of her. She has been working so hard to get it and I’m so glad it finally happened. Hopefully I’m next!

Mr. Ninja and I have decided to re-evaluate the Paleo diet and how we want to incorporate it into our lives. We both have been struggling with it, but we have done way better than the last time we tried. I think Day 2 of our last attempt we had donuts and said “eff it!” We still want to try it out but we need to ease into it. So, because I was having an extremely rough day we decided to take a meal off of the diet and had pizza and other goodies from Whole Foods for lunch. It was DELICIOUS. For dinner we tried to stick close to the diet but dipping sauces and dressings made us sway. I am feeling the effects of Paleo – I am feeling better and my body feels cleaner. I’m also feeling the effects of the pizza we ate. Bleh. The psychological aspect of changing my diet is where I’m struggling. I’ll get there… slowly.

Open gym – 1x normal warm-up; also worked on butterfly pull-ups (almost there!), ring dips, various muscle-up exercises, handstand holds and walks.

Grub for the day:
Breakfast: eggs w/salsa, turkey bacon, cantaloupe, OJ
Snack: turkey jerky
Lunch: Whole Foods pepperoni pizza (which was extremely greasy!), half mac ‘n cheese ball, spinach & feta ball/cake thingy, couple bites of a sweet potato cake
Beverage snack: Coca-Cola Slurpeeeeeeeee (totally Paleo)
Dinner 1: Endless summer – raw ahi appetizer w/side garden salad w/red wine vinaigrette dressing, glass of Pinot Grigio
Dinner 2: Killer B’s – Killer B burger protein style with bacon and avocado, sweet potato fries (w/ketchup, hehe!), glass of Pinot Gris


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