Day 7 = Productive Ninja

What started out to be a crappy day yesterday ended up being just what I needed – time with my little family of Mr. Ninja and Molliekins, then date night. As I mentioned yesterday, we swayed from the diet, but it is okay. This diet is a huge adjustment and I shouldn’t expect myself to be able to stick to it perfectly. It’s okay to diverge every once in a while. I am feeling a little better today, and have been quite productive. Lots of homework, studying, and laundry got done today. Yay! Sadly, I still have a lot more studying and homework to do. Anyway…

In addition to figuring out how we want to change our diet, Mr. Ninja and I have decided that we will have a once a month McDonald’s breakfast day. And that day was today. I know it’s completely the opposite of eating healthy, but we enjoy food, and we can’t deny ourselves of our favorite foods. That’s not enjoying life. The key is doing it in moderation, which is difficult for me when it comes to food. Of course my body is saying, “what is going on here?!” But mentally, I feel better. Like I said yesterday, it’s a psychological thing with me and food. I really want to change my eating habits, but I have to and need to be patient with myself.

I’m trying and hoping to be more positive with Paleo and with this blog. I don’t want this become a bitch fest. Life has just been a bit difficult lately and I’m working through it. I am so grateful to have Mr. Ninja in my life. He is neat (and pretty handsome, too).

Rest day!

Grub for the day:
Breakfast: McDonald’s – sausage and egg McMuffin, hashbrowns; Peet’s coffee
Lunch: Something’s Fishy – Santa Barbara Roll: salmon, shrimp, avocado, and something else; hibachi shrimp meal w/steamed rice, grilled veggies
Snack: turkey jerky
Dinner: tuna mixed with avocado and a touch of mayo on top of butter lettuce (my fave lettuce!), drizzled w/olive oil & balsamic vinaigrette

Soda, cheese and crackers, chocolate


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