Day 8 = Relaxed Ninja (WOOT!)

“I WANT CHEESE!!!” is what I just yelled into the refrigerator, then slammed it shut. Oh, I’m so funny. Well, at least Mr. Ninja thought it was funny. I am pleased to say that today was a good day. Woot! Finally. I didn’t get sleepy during any of my classes and was actually quite alert. Work wasn’t too bad either. It’s funny how life is so different when you actually get some rest and sleep.

I ate mostly Paleo today, lunch was my only non-Paleo meal. You can’t deny a Filipina her rice! 🙂 Bagel girl sat in front of me in class again today and I had another fantasy about attacking her and stealing it. Speaking of bagels, I am very proud of myself today. After my first class (bagel girl is in my second class), I was so close to buying a bagel. I called Mr. Ninja because I needed someone to help me say ‘no.’ “My name is Ninja Nomers and I am a bageloholic. Oh, I’m a carbivore, too.” Instead, I ate some hard boiled eggs, sausage, and an apple. I am feeling the effects of Paleo today and don’t feel so bloated anymore. Darn you, bread and cheese! Why do you have to be so delicious and make me feel like crap?! Boo to you. Boo. To. You. I have decided that my way of easing into this diet is to let myself slack a little during lunch, and eat as Paleo as possible for the other meals and snacks. So far so good today! What is good is that when I do let non-Paleo food into my meals I can definitely feel it. I start to feel icky. Hopefully soon my body will stop craving the bad stuff. Mr. Ninja cooked up a nice meal tonight and I feel healthy and pleased. Yay!

The WOD tonight was quite tough on my little arms. I was going to try the RX’d weight, but it was too heavy for me. There is no way I could have finished the workout if I did 35lbs. Not only was it too heavy, it hurt my arm. Basically, you hold a kettlebell above your head like you are carrying a tray, hence the name “waiter walk.” Where the weight sits on your arm is awkward and I didn’t want to hurt myself, so I scaled it down to 26lbs. I will probably not be able to life my arms above my head tomorrow. It was a good and tough workout. I also found out that my right arm is significantly stronger than my left. Hooray, a new thing to work on! Haha! Eww. Just saw tomorrow’s workout – Turkish get-ups are dumb. More on that tomorrow…

Here’s a cute and fun video to leave you with. Say something nice…

Sweet dreams! xo

I. Warm-up – 400m run, mobility, 3x normal*
II. Skills – Waiter walk, Knees to elbows (K2E)
III. 3 Rounds for time
100m Waiter walk right arm (53/35)*
30 Abmat sit-ups
100m Waiter walk left arm (53/35)*
30 K2E
IV. Cooldown – Samson stretch, max push-ups.

Time: 16:something – I used to be so good with remembering my times. I don’t know why I’ve been slacking in that department lately.
*modified with 200m row, 26lbs kettlebell

Max push-ups: 15 (too exhausted to continue on)

Grub for the day:
Breakfast 1: eggs, turkey bacon, avocado, cantaloupe
Breakfast 2: 2 hard boiled eggs, sausage, apple
Lunch: Sakura Sushi – Cal Coast Roll: Cali roll w/salmon and avocado on top, 2 piece salmon nigiri
Snack: turkey jerky, OJ
Dinner: salmon w/salsa & pepper on top, grilled squash, zucchini, and carrots cooked in olive oil w/salsa on top, salad with apples and olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette dressing
Snack: raw almonds

CHEESE, chocolate, bagel & cream cheese


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