The Music Industry is Full of Ridonkulousness

A friend posted a Tumblr blog on Facebook today and I spent entirely too much time perusing it. It is called What Happens in the Music Business. It’s a blog where people in the music industry submit funny, stressful, ridiculous, and other moments in their lives, while complimenting it with hilarious gifs that capture that moment. So much of it is so freaking funny, and sadly, so true. These are real stories, people. This is the type of sheeit your favorite artists do to those behind the scenes.

I may have gone overboard with this, but below are some links to moments I have experienced. Don’t worry former co-workers and bosses, these moments aren’t too revealing or specific. It’s all in the name of fun.

1. First job in the music industry

2. Going to a sold out show without a VIP pass

3. The morning after a show (this was pretty much 3 out of 5 days a week)

4. Me at any sort of meetings, lunches, and gatherings where I don’t know many of the people

5. How I feel about late night shows

6. Oh, interns…

7. Where is my intern?!

8. D-bag managers (luckily I’ve only experienced this one time and it was with a label artists’ manager who wasn’t part of the company I worked for)

9. When an artist, band, music supervisor, or other prominent industry professional remembered me (or when I saw that I got an album credit or thank you)

10. When my favorite unknown band makes it big

11. When someone inaccurately describes a band or artist

12. How I feel about cancelled meetings of all sorts

13. How I survived the music industry (just change the gif to read alcohol)

14. Hard work pays off?

15. This is how I felt when I was making the decision to leave the industry…

Although working in the music industry is and was quite stressful, it was a lot of fun and I met a ton of cool people, and got to do a bunch of cool things. Not everyone is built to work in that industry, me being one of them, but I do miss it a lot.


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