How Ninja Got Her ROM Back…

ROM Front-5Jan2013WOOT!

Well, I almost have my full range of motion (ROM) back. Regardless, I am a very happy ninja because I am almost there.

I finally had an appointment with a physical therapist on NYE and I was a bit nervous. I wasn’t sure of what to expect even though my shoulder has been feeling much stronger and more mobile. The PT was surprised with my shoulder strength and said I was just fine in that department. nnnGIT! However, he was not very pleased with my ROM or lack thereof. After 5 months he felt I should have been further along. Well, so do I, but considering I haven’t had consistent PT (actually, any PT at all) I thought I’ve been doing pretty well on my own. Anyway, after I wanted to punch him in the ear, he measured my ROM in various directions. I wasn’t very pleased and was quite frustrated.

Then, he brought up surgery. He went through his spiel about possibly needing surgery because I may re-dislocate my shoulder. I never dislocated my shoulder, nor have I ever had shoulder problems in my life – even after 12 years of gymnastics. He asked me if my orthopedist talked to me about surgery and I said that he did and I said that I do not want to have it done. I told him again that I do not want to have surgery.

He wasn’t happy with my ROM and gave me some stretches to do. He also mentioned that a doctor will not perform surgery on my shoulder until I have full ROM back, which actually gave me some relief. Maybe they’ll lay off talking about it for a while.

Before I go on, I would like to say that the PT I visited was nice and funny, but I just felt like he was going through his typical shoulder patient routine and recommending surgery. I would have liked him to consider my past and current activity level and base it off of ME and not just because that’s what you do for this particular injury because that is what has always been done. He did say that to save me money, he didn’t think that I need to go in to his office as I am capable of doing these stretches on my own and know enough about how the human body works since I am a trainer. I appreciated that.

He requested that I return in 2 weeks to reassess my progress and to see how I do on my own. I am expecting him to discuss surgery again. Sigh. Anyway…

I am proud to say that I have made a lot of progress in just 1 month. I have taken 4 different pictures on 3 different dates to show my progress and they are below. Even the progress I’ve made in the last week because of the stretching I have been working on is just wonderful. I’d also like to add that I did 40 push-ups (10 sets of 4) and 100 deadlifts (10 sets of 10) at 85lbs last night without any pain. I am, however, VERY sore. But whatevs, I did push-ups! HOORAY!!!

Left: 4 December 2012 – Middle: 28 December 2012 – Right: 5 January 2013

(Click the picture to enlarge)

ROM Frontx3-5Jan2013

ROM Sidex3-5Jan2013

ROM Bentx3-5Jan2013

ROM Backx3-5Jan2013


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