What does Ninja eat?

(Black Widow and I at the WODseries partner competition on December 8, 2013)

A few friends have asked me over the past few weeks what I eat, as well as for the recipe for the meatloaf I made. Never in my life did I ever think that I would be sharing a recipe! I am not one to cook, but have been dabbling and trying to do it more often. But before I continue, I would like to share some exciting news…

Today is my 1-year anniversary of being soda-free from my favorite sodas!!! WOOT! I say “from my favorite sodas” because I haven’t been completely soda-free. The only soda I allowed myself to have was ginger ale when I wasn’t feeling well, and I’ve had a total of 4 over the past year. Pretty good considering I had a mad addiction to the corn syrup-filled goodness that is soda. I still crave my beloved Diet Coke (especially with Captain Morgan!), but I try to distract myself when I get those cravings. I still glare at Tall Guy, though, when he drinks a giant Coke or gets a Coke Slurpee. RUDE!

Now back to food. Last week I had a competition and I wanted to make sure that I was feeling well for it. My diet has been a bit dirty over the past few months and I wanted to clean it up and do a bit of detoxing. So I decided that I would cut out sugar (natural sugars were fine), dairy, and bread. It was tough, but I did it for a full week… and I lost 6 lbs! I wasn’t trying to lose weight; I just wanted to clean out my insides. I felt great and the bloating went away. Below is a list of what I ate during the week, and pretty much what I generally eat, except when I decide to throw in some sandwiches and cheese and crackers into the mix (bad Ninja!):

Breakfast: 3 hard boiled eggs or scrambled eggs, 2-3 pieces of bacon, avocado

Lunch: spinach salad with hard boiled eggs, apples, chicken, avocado, drizzled with oil & vinegar; lentil soup if I’m needing a little something else; leftover chicken or steak with rice and/or broccoli and/or green beans

Dinner: Chicken or steak with rice and/or broccoli and/or green beans, and corn if I’m feeling a little frisky

Snack: bananas and/or almonds (but I wish I was eating Cheez Its!)

Nothing too exciting or too fancy. Ain’t nobody got time for that with our schedules, so we make do with the time that we have.

A couple of recipes I’d like to share are as follows…

Meatloaf (gluten-free, Paleo-friendly)

I combined a couple of recipes that I found online and tailored them to my liking. Both recipes said to bake at 350° and cook for 40 min, but I would probably cook it a little higher for a tad longer.

1.5 lbs of ground beef
1/2 cup chopped celery
1/4 cup chopped onions
1 tsp chopped garlic
1 large egg
Sprinkle salt and pepper to your liking

Mix in a bowl, then add the ground beef and mash with your (clean!) hands. Yum. Mold into a loaf pan. I sprayed the loaf pan with coconut oil instead of the other baking sprays. Instead of using ketchup (even though I wanted to) I spread tomato paste on the top and then layered bacon across. However, I think the next time I will chop up the bacon and throw it into the mix. It didn’t get as crispy as I hoped, so we had to throw the meatloaf in the broiler for a couple of minutes.

Lentil Dip Delight (vegetarian-friendly)

I had this “dip” at a BBQ a few months ago and it was so delightful that I had to ask for the recipe, and come to find out, it’s totes easy to make! It involves 3 ingredients all pre-made from Trader Joe’s. When I have time, I plan on trying to make it from scratch because of the added sugar in the bruschetta, but for now the pre-made stuff will suffice (because it’s BOMB!).


1 package of pre-cooked lentils (found near the small packages of veggies in the refrigerated section)
1 tub of Bruschetta (found near the salsas in the refrigerated section)
1 tub of Feta cheese (found near the other cheeses, duh)

Throw in a bowl, mix it up, and voila! Lentil dip delight! This can be eaten with pita crackers or chips, but I also highly recommend putting it on top of chicken breast. Holy moly it is fantastic!

Well fancy that! I just Googled the Trader Joe’s bruschetta to find a picture to add and I found a picture with ALL of the ingredients! Looks like another short, Asian lady loves this stuff too!


(Pic via The Fresh Find)

That’s all that I have for now. After the competition, I indulged with a giant burrito with lots of cheese and sour cream, as well as a Hawaiian pizza with garlic parmesan bites from Dominos (not at the same time – oh my, that would be painful!). To answer your question, yes, I feel awful, but it was worth it. Now back to cleaner eating… until Christmas dinner!

Happy holidays friends!


Back to School, Back to School…

(Adam Sandler in Billy Madison)

… To prove to dad that I’m not a fool…

Well, tomorrow marks the first day of my last year of college. WOOT! Major WOOT. WOOT x2! As I always feel before the first day of school, I am super excited and nervous. I have read over 2 of the syllabus’/syllabi(?) for two of my classes and it looks like I’m going to be WAY busier than previous quarters. And that’s just for two classes. I’m afraid to see what my third will have in store for me. Joy. I am looking forward to filling my brain with knowledge about race, ethnicity and the aging of America, but not looking forward to how much time I will have to spend doing so.

Today was a rest day, so instead I did some stretching and physical therapy on my feet. My feet are feeling better, just tired and sore from the workouts this week. I know I keep saying this, but it feels so dang good to be running again. Hooray!

For lunch I had a sandwich, like, a REAL sandwich with bread. I was willing to deduct 5 points for the taste of some delicious bread. And you know what? It was wonderful. The end. For dinner I had cheese on my taco salad. And you know what? It was deeeericious. The end. I was planning on cutting up some fruit to eat throughout the day, but my domestic goddess duties got in the way and didn’t get a chance to do it.

In addition to starting school tomorrow I am flying up to Seattle for one of my best friend’s wedding after class. Talk about a busy day! I can’t believe I’ve known her for over 20 years! I’m so happy for her that she’s finally getting married. I am also excited to see my family and friends AND I’m going to a workout at the CrossFit in my hometown, CrossFit Federal Way. This will be my first visit to another gym and I can’t wait! Should be an exciting weekend. I will miss Mr. Ninja and the Molliekins a lot, though.

Rest day!

Grub for the day:
Breakfast: eggs w/salsa, chicken apple sausage (that actually has all natural ingredients and no casing!), apples dipped in almond butter, coffee w/stevia
Snack: beef jerky
Lunch: tuna sandwich w/tomatoes and spinach drizzled w/olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette (-10 for mayo and bread), carrots, sweet potato fries
Snack: beef jerky
Dinner: taco salad w/queso (I couldn’t resist! -5) and avocado drizzled w/ olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette

Starting points: 96
-5 for mayo
-5 for bread
-5 for queso
+3 for stretching/physical therapy

Ending points: 84

Day 19 = Real Hunter-Gatherer Watching, Homework Swamped, Cheese Craving Ninja

 Welcome to the gun show. I love my CrossFit family!

“Everyday I’m shufflin’!” Holy busy past few days, hence the lack of posts. I am in the process of finishing up Summer Session at UCSB which is only 6 weeks long. This shortened session means information overload in a very short period of time. However, I do enjoy going to class everyday because it helps to hear the info consecutive days in a row. I am actually quite pleased with my instructors and TAs this session. I was sort of nervous doing the summer session as my past few instructors bombarded us with tons of reading and writing material and assignments that I was losing my mind. Seriously, Spring quarter was a disaster. Grade-wise I was totally fine, mentally, not so much. I don’t think planning a wedding helped with the situation either. Anywho, both of my instructors this session are very organized and have made this shortened session a fun experience.

This past Tuesday I watched a documentary for my anthropology class called The Hunters, which followed the Jul’Hoansi tribe back in the 50s. I was quite excited to see this documentary considering I am “attempting” to follow this hunter-gatherer type of diet. The film was interesting in that these tribes put so much effort into finding their food and at times don’t drink water for up to four days. In contrast to us being able to walk over to our fridge or go to the store to pick up something to eat. Kinda makes me feel selfish, lazy, and unappreciative, especially with all of the food that we waste. We’re working on that. The part of the documentary that I had a difficult time with was watching them hunt, kill, and carve one of my favorite animals, the giraffe. This is the dilemma that I have with being a meat eater. I know animals need to be killed in order for us to eat meat, it’s just difficult for me to deal with. I wish animals didn’t have to die for our survival. I’ve tried being a vegetarian, but my body needs the meat. Being a veggie works for some, but not for others, which leads me to discuss the Paleo diet.

It is obvious from my previous posts that I am having a difficult time with this diet. I don’t like the whole “eat as much meat and fats as you want” aspect of it. That doesn’t work for me or my body. I’ve been thinking about this diet a lot lately while I’ve been eating various foods that I “should” and “should not” be eating. Yes, I am feeling better, but at the same time I am not. Let’s just say that my plumbing isn’t working as well as it was before the diet. I attribute that to all of the meat I am eating. Yes, I am eating enough veggies. A girl can only eat so much! I am noticing and realizing that I can’t eat as much bread or cheese as I used to, I need to learn moderation. Moderation is something I always preach and am still learning to implement in certain aspects of my life (especially with food). I am going to continue with the diet, but not be so hard on myself if I eat something that isn’t Paleo-friendly. Like cheese. I want some mother effin’ cheese!!! One thing I am proud of myself for following is not drinking soda. I had a couple over the weekend, but other than that I have pretty much stayed away from it. Although I miss it a lot, I feel much better. I am going to try to only have it with booze. I need to have it with my vodka and rum!

I am going back to gym tonight after taking three days off and I’m excited! I miss being able to do full workouts. I’m hoping that I will be able to in about a month. I also miss playing on my softball team and am hoping that I’ll be able to play next season, which I believe starts at the end of the month. I met with a couple of friends the other day who are physical therapists (and a cute married couple, too) and they said that I’m on the right track with my healing. I was very pleased to hear that. It’s so interesting to see the differences in your own body. They had me balancing on one leg, jumping off one foot to another, and other exercises to assess where I’m at with healing. Funny enough, even though it’s my right Achilles that I injured, my right leg and foot are a bit stronger than my left. This is because my right side was dominant when I did gymnastics. So, I still need to work on strengthening and evening out my muscles on each side, but in different places.

Wow, this is a long blog. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t write everyday. I’m looking forward to the long weekend. Even though I have tons of homework, studying, and projects to do I look forward to not having to wake up at 6am.

Have a fun and safe weekend everyone!

Today’s workout is “Annie” named after my hero, Annie. Unfortunately, I can’t do it because it involves lots of double-unders and I’m not allowed to jump yet. I’ll have to figure out another workout to do. Hmmm…

I. Warmup: Mobility – 3x Normal
II. Skills: Double-unders
III. “Annie”
IV. Cooldown- Rope climb and sand bag carry tec.

Grub for the day:
Breakfast: didn’t have time to eat (sad face)
Snack: beef jerky, cashews
Lunch: taco salad w/avocado, minus all the good stuff (cheese, chips, sour cream), delicious cantaloupe!
Dinner: Fresco – chicken wrap w/spinach, tomato, sprouts, avocado, herb cream cheese, side Caesar salad
Dessert: macaroon

Cheese, crackers, chocolate

Day 10 = Lady-card Pulling, Wagon Falling Ninja

I’m running on 4.5 hours of sleep so I apologize in advance for if this blog entry doesn’t flow or if I ramble or don’t make any sense. Yesterday, I pulled the lady-card and had a soda and some bread with dinner. Oops, I forgot there was cheese on my chicken sandwich, too. I was feeling so drained after school like the life was being sucked out of me and needed something to help pep me up and get schtuff done. Sometimes you gotta give a woman what she wants. For the sake of humanity, you should give a woman what she wants. Especially during a certain time of the month. Ha! Yeah, I went there. However, another reason why I allowed myself to have a wheat bun with my chicken sandwich instead of a lettuce wrap, and also a soda, was to see how my body would react and to make myself feel icky. I know, I know, self-sabotage is not good, but sometimes you need to teach yourself a lesson. I knew I would feel icky afterward, but I wanted to feel it. This crazy little stunt helped me in that I will probably not do it again anytime soon. I needed a confirmation, so to speak, that bread and soda are not good for me. Well, soda with vodka is good for me. Mmm, vodka and soda… Wait, what am I thinking?! It’s 9:45 am. Silly Ninja. Enough about food schmood.

I hate to admit it, but I’m a little concerned about my foot. It’s been hurting and aching off and on, and I just don’t know what to do anymore. I think I need to put myself in a body cast and lock myself up so that I can’t do anything. It’s very frustrating. Some days my foot (and feet) feel great and working out doesn’t cause me any problems. Other days it’s the opposite. I think I’m going to stop rowing for a while as I think that may be one of the causes. My left Achilles has also been hurting because it’s been compensating for my right foot for so long. It’s been about 4 months now since I injured my foot. The pain is so sporadic I’m not sure what to do. I’m dying to start running again, and I don’t want to stop working out. I feel crazy when I’m not able to workout. Whine, whine, whine. Enough of that, Ninja.

Other than the above nonsense, yesterday was a good day. I finished my Anthropology take-home midterm and feel pretty good about it, and Mr. Ninja received some amazing news that is going to be so great for us. I am so proud of him as he deserves the best. Even though I stayed up until 1:30am working on a research project for my Sociology class I am feeling spiritually good today. Physically, I’m okay, just super exhausted. I’m hoping to stick closer to the diet today and I think I can. Now, if only I could get some sleep…

Workout of the Day:
Rizzy rest day!

Grub for the day:
Breakfast: eggs, bacon, apple, coffee w/stevia
Lunch: salad w/tuna mixed with avocado & mustard on top, drizzled w/olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette
Dinner: The Habit – chicken sandwich w/lettuce, tomato, cheese, mayo on a wheat bun, sweet potato fries w/ketchup, DIET COKE IS DELICIOUS
Snack: beef jerky
(I wasn’t very hungry today compared to the past few days.)

I ate ’em, except for bagels & cream cheese. Oh, and McDonald’s French fries.

Day 8 = Relaxed Ninja (WOOT!)

“I WANT CHEESE!!!” is what I just yelled into the refrigerator, then slammed it shut. Oh, I’m so funny. Well, at least Mr. Ninja thought it was funny. I am pleased to say that today was a good day. Woot! Finally. I didn’t get sleepy during any of my classes and was actually quite alert. Work wasn’t too bad either. It’s funny how life is so different when you actually get some rest and sleep.

I ate mostly Paleo today, lunch was my only non-Paleo meal. You can’t deny a Filipina her rice! 🙂 Bagel girl sat in front of me in class again today and I had another fantasy about attacking her and stealing it. Speaking of bagels, I am very proud of myself today. After my first class (bagel girl is in my second class), I was so close to buying a bagel. I called Mr. Ninja because I needed someone to help me say ‘no.’ “My name is Ninja Nomers and I am a bageloholic. Oh, I’m a carbivore, too.” Instead, I ate some hard boiled eggs, sausage, and an apple. I am feeling the effects of Paleo today and don’t feel so bloated anymore. Darn you, bread and cheese! Why do you have to be so delicious and make me feel like crap?! Boo to you. Boo. To. You. I have decided that my way of easing into this diet is to let myself slack a little during lunch, and eat as Paleo as possible for the other meals and snacks. So far so good today! What is good is that when I do let non-Paleo food into my meals I can definitely feel it. I start to feel icky. Hopefully soon my body will stop craving the bad stuff. Mr. Ninja cooked up a nice meal tonight and I feel healthy and pleased. Yay!

The WOD tonight was quite tough on my little arms. I was going to try the RX’d weight, but it was too heavy for me. There is no way I could have finished the workout if I did 35lbs. Not only was it too heavy, it hurt my arm. Basically, you hold a kettlebell above your head like you are carrying a tray, hence the name “waiter walk.” Where the weight sits on your arm is awkward and I didn’t want to hurt myself, so I scaled it down to 26lbs. I will probably not be able to life my arms above my head tomorrow. It was a good and tough workout. I also found out that my right arm is significantly stronger than my left. Hooray, a new thing to work on! Haha! Eww. Just saw tomorrow’s workout – Turkish get-ups are dumb. More on that tomorrow…

Here’s a cute and fun video to leave you with. Say something nice…

Sweet dreams! xo

I. Warm-up – 400m run, mobility, 3x normal*
II. Skills – Waiter walk, Knees to elbows (K2E)
III. 3 Rounds for time
100m Waiter walk right arm (53/35)*
30 Abmat sit-ups
100m Waiter walk left arm (53/35)*
30 K2E
IV. Cooldown – Samson stretch, max push-ups.

Time: 16:something – I used to be so good with remembering my times. I don’t know why I’ve been slacking in that department lately.
*modified with 200m row, 26lbs kettlebell

Max push-ups: 15 (too exhausted to continue on)

Grub for the day:
Breakfast 1: eggs, turkey bacon, avocado, cantaloupe
Breakfast 2: 2 hard boiled eggs, sausage, apple
Lunch: Sakura Sushi – Cal Coast Roll: Cali roll w/salmon and avocado on top, 2 piece salmon nigiri
Snack: turkey jerky, OJ
Dinner: salmon w/salsa & pepper on top, grilled squash, zucchini, and carrots cooked in olive oil w/salsa on top, salad with apples and olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette dressing
Snack: raw almonds

CHEESE, chocolate, bagel & cream cheese